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Over the past 20+ years, CareerBuilder has helped millions of people find jobs and has equipped hundreds of thousands of employers with the talent they need. It’s what we do and we do it better than anyone else.

Officially, we’re a global, end-to-end human capital solutions company. But, that just means that we combine the best in advertising, software and services to help companies find, hire and manage great talent. As an industry leader, we work with companies big and small, providing cutting-edge solutions for everything from recruiting to employment screening and human capital management.

Backed by our majority owner Apollo Global Management (NYSE: APO), CareerBuilder is inventing technology to solve the biggest problems companies face when it comes to acquiring and keeping top talent.

You can find CareerBuilder and our subsidiaries in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Our Mission

CareerBuilder's mission is to empower employment. We are striving to organize all the world's human capital data and make it meaningful for society. Learn more about our company's history.

Our Products and Services

If you're a job seeker, you can start your search on CareerBuilder.com.

Learn about the breadth of solutions that CareerBuilder offers employers. With job postings, resume database, applicant tracking, talent networks and job distribution technologies, as well as background check and employment screening services, we've covered every stage of human capital management for companies across the world. 

Who We Are, By the Numbers 

  • Hundreds of thousands of employers served.
  • Close to 3,000: Employees worldwide.
  • 1,000: Partners whose career sites CareerBuilder powers, including more than 300  newspapers and leading portals.
  • 60+: Markets worldwide where CareerBuilder has a presence, spanning the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and South America.  

Our products and services deliver: 

  • 24M job applications per month
  • 80M job applicants
  • 14M unique visitors per month
  • 60M resumes
  • 110M U.S. profiles with contact data
  • 4 M aggregated job openings
  • 3 M monthly jobs posted
  • 3,200+ talent networks
  • 150M organized government source data points
  • 22M employee reported data points
  • 28K employer reported data points


​Work at CareerBuilder

At CareerBuilder, "business as usual" is, well, anything but usual. We believe in trusting our employees to own their role, dream up opportunities that excite them, and take on challenges that intrigue them. Fast-paced and high-energy, CareerBuilder is a place where ideas quickly become reality and futures are created. Here, you not only make a living — you make a difference.

Learn more about what it means to be a part of the CareerBuilder team.

​Bridging the Skills Gap

Millions of people in the U.S. are unemployed or underemployed, yet nearly half of employers can't find qualified candidates for their open jobs. RightSkill is working to close this gap by providing workers with job-ready skills employers need for their hard-to-fill positions.

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