Identity and Credit Checks

CareerBuilder Employment Screening provides identity services that allow for an initial review of where your applicants or employees have been in the past, and to verify the data submitted by the applicant. Our unique-process, unsurpassed by the industry, gathers data through a single dashboard view to highlight inconsistencies and discrepancies where applicable.

Social Security Trace Report

This report traces the use of a social security number (SSN) in public records and/or credit bureau files. This is primarily used to reveal alias names an applicant may have used and areas in which they may have lived, but does not verify that the social security number is valid or that it belongs to the subject of the report. If a subject has used the number reported, it traces the locations where that number was used.

Consent-Based Social Security Verification

This report verifies a social security number was issued to a person with the same name and date of birth as the subject. Provided by the Social Security Administration, this report can only be run for pre-employment purposes and requires the applicant's signature on an SSA-89 release form.

E-Verify Program

The E-Verify program (formerly known as the Basic Pilot Program), checks eligibility to work in the U.S. The possession of a social security number does not automatically permit a person to work legally in the U.S. Examples include certain types of Student Visas, which permit the person to obtain a social security number for enrollment, but do not permit the person to work. The E-Verify search checks the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases and the Social Security Administration to verify a subject's legal right to work.

Credit Report - Pre-Employment

This is a credit report provided by a national credit bureau for employment purposes. The use of this report for only employment purposes is restricted in some states. Obtaining this report does not affect an applicant's credit score.