What Employment Screening Customers Are Saying


Industry: Manufacturing

"Once you have Applicant Tracking, it’s a no brainer to add on CareerBuilder Employment Screening. With other vendors I waited two weeks to get drug screen results and candidates would be told to go to a clinic four hours away – it was a terrible candidate experience. Now, I get drug screen results the same day! The background check usually comes the next day, so that is three days versus two weeks with other vendors. I want a T-shirt or a button that says, ‘I love CareerBuilder!’"

- Marsha Majors, Talent Sourcing Manager

Clausen Miller

Industry: Legal

“CareerBuilder Employment Screening has always been thorough and I love the fact that the system we use is very easy to navigate. It's is an extension of our HR department, which is extremely helpful. Also, we’ve had the same Customer Service rep since 2009, which we absolutely love.”

- Sharyce Ousley, Corporate HR Assistant


Industry: Direct Sales and Marketing

"CareerBuilder Employment Screening provides superior service unlike any other in the employment and screening industry. Speed, ease and compliance are major concerns in our industry. Aurico addresses these concerns by providing solutions. Whether it’s through developing an API integration, the kiosk system or flagging issues, CareerBuilder makes the screening process faster, easier, and better. The Kiosk system allows companies to offer a position immediately following a final interview and if the candidate accepts, all authorizations and disclosures are executed right there in the office to commence the screening process. This speeds up the onboarding process by days and increases the candidates excitement about his/her new role. It boils down to CareerBuilder’s customer service. What more could you ask for in a partnership?"

- Jennifer Clark, Chief Legal Officer


Industry: Health Care

“WebACE is a very easy system. I’ve had to train on it and everyone picks it up quickly. CareerBuilder’s customer service is absolutely top notch and any issue we have will be taken care of in a timely manner.”

- Andrew Knuth, HR Director

EZ Corp

Industry: Sales

"We hire Team Members who understand the importance of the trust our customers place in us. Our selection process is quite rigorous involving multiple interviews, an assessment to determine a fit for our company, plus an observation period in our stores with the candidate. Our final step is to conduct a drug test and background check. For this important task, we chose CareerBuilder Employment Screening. This has cut our wait times in half for the background checks and have our drug test results within an hour! With this enhanced efficiency, we are able to onboard our new team members far more quickly than before. CareerBuilder Employment Screening also provides robust reporting and analytics, which allows us to improve our processes. Our partnership with CareerBuilder has truly improved our hiring process while maintaining high standards of selection. I recommend CareerBuilder without reservation as a partner in the arena of drug and background screening.”

- Rob Brockman, CHRAO

HD Supply

Industry: Industrial Distribution

“Our partnership with CareerBuilder has enabled us to greatly enhance our candidate experience using their easy to use mobile platform. This has resulted in significantly reduced turnaround times, allowing us to rapidly onboard new hires.”

- Julie Loubaton, Director, Talent Acquisition


Industry: Apparel

"Jockey has held a partnership with Aurico since 2009, utilizing their Background Check, Drug Testing and I-9 services. The outstanding level of customer service we receive is what sets this company apart from all others we have used in the past. We have 100+ retail stores across the country and they go out of their way to make sure every new store manager is up and running and consistently fields the calls for all of those retail users. Our Account Executive has made herself a part of our team by learning not just about our industry, but truly paying attention to our organization’s needs."

- Dana Berry, Sr. Manager, Human Resources

Spire Hospitality

Industry: Property Management

"One of the key performance metrics we give attention to is turnaround time. While the potential is there to lose a candidate due to extensive wait periods for background check results, we stand to lose line level candidates at a greater degree than managerial candidates. It is in our best interest to be on top of turnaround times relative to results.  Over the past 12 months, we’ve requested a little less than 1700 background checks.  The average turnaround time for our organization is around two days.  The fact that CareerBuilder provides responses quickly, results in saving time, money, and positions us to move forward with the hiring process at a faster pace.  CareerBuilder's Employment Screening exceeds our expectations.” 

Debra Stinson, Vice President of Human Resources

Trustmark Life Insurance

Industry: Insurance

"I have worked with many background screening and drug testing companies in my career and CareerBuilder has been the best partner. Their turnaround time is one of the best I have seen and their customer service employees are extremely helpful and quick to respond. It has been a pleasure working with CareerBuilder!"

- Laura M. Joachin, Director, Talent Acquisition

Zeigler Auto Group

Industry: Automotive

“Since using CareerBuilder Employment Screening we have been able to better select new team members that fit our culture and values as an organization. They have helped us tremendously with our hiring process as we grow the company.”

- Mike Van Ryan, Director of Talent Development

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