Iowa Regent Posting Portal


CareerBuilder is a leading job posting board vendor with more than 24 million job seekers worldwide. The Iowa Regent schools have collaborated together to negotiate discounted rates with the vendor to help you with your talent acquisition needs.

We encourage you to utilize CareerBuilder to advertise your open positions in an effort to enhance your outreach and help you successfully recruit and hire employees. If you have any questions with regard to the Portal, please contact our CareerBuilder Representative Sheldon Franklin at 773.527.6941.



1 Month Job Posting

Enjoy unlimited edits and 1 month of exposure to more than 24 million candidates for your listed job.

1 Month Resume Database Access

Proactively search for your ideal candidates and find your closest matches in an instant with CareerBuilder's Resume Database. Includes the ability to search 45 million resumes by location, job title, skills, past employer, and last update; the ability to filter by license, years of experience, level of education, and employment status; 50 resume views per day; flexibility to search resumes for any job title.


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