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CareerBuilder Employment Screening helps you move candidates through the hiring process faster with:

  • 22% average improvement in turnaround time
  • Over 90% verification success rate – 50% above the industry average
  • No. 1 Background Screen Provider by HRO Today Baker’s Dozen
  • Award-winning, U.S.-based customer service team

See why top employers choose us as their trusted background screening partner.

Save time and money

With a verification success rate that outpaces the industry, we mitigate errors that lead to costly hiring mistakes and help you find the right people.

Expedite the hiring process

With a turnaround time that is 22 percent faster than the industry average, we help you get candidates verified and ready to hit the ground running in record time.

Streamline your workflow

Our user-friendly, mobile-optimized dashboard integrates seamlessly with almost any ATS. Run reports, place orders and check the status of your candidates quickly and easily – at any time, anywhere.

Stay compliant

Our team of experts stay on top of ever-changing FCRA and EEOC regulations to ensure you stay compliant – however and wherever you do business.

Get 24/7 support

Our award-winning customer support team is available by phone, email or chat to give you fast, accurate answers to all of your questions.

Maintain peace of mind

With NAPBS accreditation and ISO quality certification, CareerBuilder offers the expertise you – and your candidates – can rely on.

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