CarerBuilder Branding

Logo Lockups

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The CareerBuilder logo uses four main colors: Anchor Blue, Emerald Green, Azure Blue, and Marigold. The logo should be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. In order to ensure consistent usage across the CareerBuilder brand, please use the logo in accordance with the standards below.

Primary Lockup

There are two orientations for the lockup of the type and the mark. One is vertically stacked and the other is horizontally aligned. The preferred primary lockup is vertically stacked. The other should be used in instances where a condensed lockup is needed.

Logo Lock up Stacked: PRIMARY

Logo Lockup Horizontal

Secondary Lockups

CareerBuilder has single color options which include: Anchor Blue, black and white. See the descriptions below for use cases and restrictions.

Anchor Blue Logo (primary)

In situations that require a one-color logo, the Anchor Blue version is always preferred.

White Logo (restricted use)

This one-color logo is for dark backgrounds and dark photographs ONLY.

Black Logo (restricted use)

Use only in instances when black and white printing is the option.

Clear Space Restrictions and Guide

The clear space requirement is designed to maintain the integrity of the logo. This ensures visibility and legibility. These illustrations show the clear space around the approved logos.

Vertically stacked logos require a minimum of one B-height spacing on all sides.

Horizontal logos require a minimum spacing equal to the height of one logomark on all sides.

Our Registered Trademark Symbol: Scaled Logo Usage

Any time our logo lockups are scaled down to less than 2 inches wide for printing or less than 200px wide for screen, the scaled options for the CareerBuilder logos should be used. Doing this allows our registered mark, which is part of the legal branding, to appear as clear as possible even at small sizes. These are the small widths allowed for print and web logo usage:

Quality Control

To maintain the quality and longevity of the brand, there are rules and specifications on color placement and general application of the CareerBuilder lockup.

1. Do not stretch or skew the letterforms.

2. Do not change the color of our logo.

3. Do not crop the logo.

4. Do not use off-brand-colors in the clear space or change the color of the logo.

5. Do not place the logo in a holding shape.

6. Do not placethe logo over imagery that is too busy or too light to read.

7. Do not place the logo over any patterns.

8. Do not lowercase the “B” in CareerBuilder in written formats. CareerBuilder should always be written as one word with a capital C and B.