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  • 80% of our job seekers have skill sets for the most in-demand occupations
  • Receive up to 25 qualified candidates per job, per day
  • Deliver 4x candidate reach with automated job recommendations3

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CareerBuilder’s Talent Acquisition Suite can reduce your cost per candidate by about 50%.4

  • Job site with competitive intelligence
  • Custom career sites to highlight company culture
  • 140M+ diverse candidate resumes & profiles included
  • Automated matching
  • Email & SMS capabilities
  • Referral solutions to engage your current workforce
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • and more

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1 Appcast™ 2020 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

2 CareerBuilder's site traffic growth compared to Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Monster from Jan 2019 to June 2020

3 Four times the candidate reach is versus posting a job without automated job recommendations sent to CareerBuilder job seekers

4 Comparison of CareerBuilder’s costs and Appcast’s 2020 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report