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CareerBuilder Employment Screening provides an accurate, efficient, secure and easy-to-use Electronic I-9 and E-Verify program designed to meet your unique needs.

  • 22% average improvement in turnaround time
  • Over 90% verification success rate – 50% above the industry average
  • No. 1 Background Screen Provider by HRO Today Baker’s Dozen
  • Award-winning, U.S.-based customer service team

See why top employers choose us as their trusted background screening partner.

Save time

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to automate tasks, such as recordkeeping and payroll and tax reporting, for enhanced productivity. Automated alerts regarding employee authorization documents enable you to act quickly and eliminate work interruptions.

Mitigate risk

Confirm new employees’ identities, work statuses and DHS verification numbers. Reduce liability, drive compliance and assist employers with process standardization.

Reduce errors

Our built-in error detection ensures forms cannot be processed unless they are correct and complete. Electronic signatures from both employee and employer are stored on an encrypted server and readily available in a printable PDF format.

Stay compliant

Our team of experts stay on top of ever-changing FCRA and EEOC regulations to ensure you stay compliant – however and wherever you do business.

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