Applicant Tracking Technology Partners


Recruiters, staffing companies, job boards, corporate recruiters, and community sites all have the same goal: finding the best resumes or profiles that match the needs of a job description. This requires going beyond searches that simply understand sentence structure. In a recent release, CareerBuilder's Applicant Tracking will leverage Actonomy's semantic search and match technology, as well as its new sourcing functionality for social networking websites and job boards, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and CareerBuilder.

CareerBuilder Employment Screening WebAce™

CareerBuilder's Employment Screening web-based portal, WebACE™,  allows users to order reports, check their status and receive results in the most efficient manner possible. 


Textkernel, as part of CareerBuilder's solutions, specializes in language technology and document understanding has resulted in products designed specifically for the HR market. Since its inception in 2001, Textkernel has gained a strong reputation with more than a thousand customers in the HR market place. Applicant Tracking integrates Textkernel’s CV processing application, which simplifies editing and adding information to extracted resumes.


PeopleClues is a global provider of employment assessments for measuring job fit, attitude and level of engagement for candidates and employees. Our customers have direct access to PeopleClues’ personality-based pre-employment selection assessments.


RIVS slashes the time it takes to find, recruit, and engage the best candidates through digital interviewing. RIVS provides solutions for both live and pre-recorded video and voice interviews. Companies who use RIVS are able to assess soft skills and fit earlier in the recruitment process with less effort.


Sertifi’s business tools enable organizations to better share information, collaborate, execute agreements with electronic signatures and track agreement status in real time.  We leverage Sertifi to provide its clients with simplified, fully integrated and paperless onboarding.