What Applicant Tracking
Customers Are Saying… 

PTC Alliance

Industry: Manufacturing

“Applicant Tracking has been a valuable tool in the management, organization, and tracking of our candidates as well as the placement of our company as an employer of choice. Having Applicant Tracking has created one centralized hub for the hiring function here at PTC Alliance, and I cannot imagine tracking the recruiting process without it.”

- Jordan Kaufman, Training and Recruiting Coordinator

Credit Union 1

Industry: Banking/ Financial Services

“CareerBuilder has been a great asset to Credit Union 1’s recruitment strategy. Our CareerBuilder rep really cares and answers all of our questions and needs.”

- Sue Heyen, VP of Human Resources

Rockwater Energy Solutions

Industry: Environmental Solutions

“In September 2013, when we initially launched CareerBuilder’s solutions, we were receiving about 100 applications per 20 job postings. We just had 17 job postings this month and received over 1,000 resumes, so CareerBuilder has been helping us immensely. Now we have the ability to make sure that the person’s the right person for our organization, and we’ve seen our turnover reduced as a result of that.”

- Sarah Truchard, Safety & HR Manager

Sears Home & Outlet

Industry: Retail

“It was a challenge for us to get our franchises to use recruitment software and now we have 75 percent of the franchises using Applicant Tracking and love it. They are able to quickly view candidates, set up interviews and engage with these candidates on a consistent basis.”

- Shelley Pederson, Recruitment Specialist

JM Wilson

Industry: Insurance

“We needed to take our recruitment process to the next level in terms of mobile and attracting a younger demographic, and Applicant Tracking has allowed us to do that.”

- Sarah O’Day, HR Manager

Holcomb Behavioral Health

Industry: Health Care Services

“In the end, we found out with comparisons that Applicant Tracking actually provided us with up to 50 percent more candidates. The quality of candidates has dramatically improved once we implemented CareerBuilder's Applicant Tracking.”

- Marjorie Lambert, Executive Assistant Recruiter

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