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Recruitment Edge Opt-Out Form

If you wish to be removed from our Recruitment Edge Database, please complete the form below to verify your listing.

Please note that we use email addresses to identify accounts and if you supply an email address other than the one that we have on file for you, then the opt-out will not be effective. If this should occur, please attempt opt-out again (but with a different email address).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment Edge is an aggregator of publically available content found on the internet – including information from social and professional networking sites – used by recruiters to find and contact potential candidates about job opportunities.

Recruitment Edge aggregates publically available data from commonly used websites and sources where potential candidates share their information for the purposes of advertising or promoting their background. We also use constructed contact data (i.e., generating estimated work email addresses for a potential candidate by inserting the potential candidate’s name into a known email address format for a particular company).

Recruitment Edge makes it easy for potential candidates to be visible to some of the nation’s top recruiters without having to constantly update their resume. As individuals publically share and update relevant, professional information about their experience and background online, Recruitment Edge will aggregate and update their profile using this data. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date information made available by the potential candidate.

Any publicly available information found regarding you is compiled in one profile page online. This includes links to social media sites you may be part of, and any information you have shared about yourself publically. We attempt to accurately match your social profiles to your Recruitment Edge profile, but encourage you to provide us with additional information so that we can improve the content of your profile.

Only recruiters that have been authorized to access the Recruitment Edge database are allowed to view your profile. Our goal is to enable quality conversations between recruiters and potential candidates. For this reason, we do not allow recruiters to mass email candidates found in Recruitment Edge. We also employ numerous techniques to monitor and limit abusive behavior or spam.

You may request to view a copy of your profile by calling 1.800.891.8880 or emailing clientsupport@careerbuilder.com and a member of our staff will send you a copy of your profile in PDF format. From there, we encourage you to review the accuracy of the content and provide us input on any information you would like for us to change, highlight, or remove from your profile.

We would like your Recruitment Edge profile to be an accurate representation of you. If you notice any portion of your profile which does not represent your background accurately, please call us at 1.800.891.8880 or email us at clientsupport@careerbuilder.com and clearly identify the sections of your profile you wish you update or hide. Such information may be incorrect contact information, missing or incorrect links to your social profiles, or your employment or education history.

Also, every seven (7) days, we update those profiles that are sourced from resumes uploaded to our CareerBuilder Resume Database. For that reason, an easy way to update or correct your data is to upload a recent version of your resume into our resume database at CareerBuilder.com.