What Does Sourcing Solutions Do For You?

Save Time and Reduce Cost Per Hire

Let our experts work on your behalf to take the most time consuming activities of the recruiting process off your plate. We source job seekers and screen them on your behalf, so you get a pipeline of quality candidates to fill open jobs and lower your cost per hire.

Lean on Our Team's Expertise to Use the Latest Tools to Help You Meet Your Hiring Needs

Our recruiting experts use 25 years of CareerBuilder experience in studying candidate behavior and trends along with the most recent labor market data to create customized sourcing strategies for your open positions.

Some of the services you can receive with Sourcing Solutions include :

  • Job Advertising Distribution
  • Employer Branding
  • Targeted Sourcing through over 100 sources
  • Candidate Screening & Scheduling
  • Microsite Technology for Automated Screening and Scheduling
  • Visual Chat & Interview Solutions


How Can Sourcing Solutions Help You?

  • Feature 1 Utilize Custom Solutions built To Fit Your Needs

    With no limit to the number of candidates you receive, you can make the hires you need. Our agile model allows you to custom build the smartest solution to be more successful in your hiring goals, all while staying on budget.

  • Feature 2 Deploy Data-Driven Campaigns To Source The Best Candidates

    Using the latest labor market information, candidate behavior and historical success data, we work with you to develop a custom recruitment strategy. We utilize the most relevant resources and data in the recruitment marketplace, along with industry-leading technology - all to find you the right candidates.

  • Feature 3 Retain Ownership Of The Talent Pool To Fill Your Pipeline

    We immediately deliver a steady pipeline of quality talent based on your specifications to begin filling your roles. Throughout the Sourcing Solutions engagement, you will continue to receive screened candidates as they become available. You own this pool of talent to begin the process of bringing candidates in, while filling your pipeline for the future. Additionally, the candidates we bring to you are truly yours, we do not present them to our other clients.

  • Feature 4 Use Comprehensive Recruiting Strategy To Get Results Quickly

    In addition to the experience of our recruiters and the 25 years of job history and trends, our team has an arsenal of technology to tap into to source candidates on your behalf. Our technology platform includes solutions to open a job requisition, source candidates plus capture and screen candidates to convert to employees to fill your open positions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Source & Screen team can address your hiring needs in the US and Canada.

Source & Screen supports nearly every position from entry level to executive in a number of different industries from automotive, construction and financial services to healthcare, retail and hospitality, manufacturing, skilled labor, IT and transportation, and more.

Our Source & Screen team specializes in driving efficiencies in the pre-hire process of identifying, attracting, and qualifying top candidates by optimizing all functions of the candidate marketing and conversion process.

Yes, we offer an end-to-end virtual hiring platform, which allows us to both attract, engage, and virtually interview candidates via live chat and video.

Our project team leverages a comprehensive paid media strategy to access candidates from over 200 internal CareerBuilder & external sources to reach and attract both active and passive candidates. Our sources include, but are not limited to: direct outreach, job board advertising, social media, and pay for performance ads.

The average project length is 30-days, however, this can increase or decrease depending on the client need.

We have a price per project model that is priced based on the role, geographic scope, and project duration. Our project-based model allows clients to make an unlimited number of hires and retain ownership of all candidates upon project completion we do not present those candidates to other clients.

We guarantee a qualified pipeline of candidates and mutually agree upon submittal expectations at the onset of the project based on market data (pay, supply & demand, and historical project data) to set a baseline by which to measure ROI and project performance. Over the past 10 years, we have completed over 40,000 projects with a 95% success rate in meeting submittal expectations.