Talent Network Implementation

Get the Most Out of Your Recruitment Tools

Using Talent Network as your primary career site is the best way to maximize the value of the software. According to our research, 80% of people who are looking for a job will visit a company’s career site during their job search process. Take advantage of our job search expertise and convert visitors to applicants and/or members of your talent pool.

When you use Talent Network as your career site you will increase visibility of the join form. Talent Network clients get 41% of their applications from reengagement emails the tool sends out to members when relevant jobs become available. The more visible the join form, the more job seekers will join your talent network to receive email updates, which means more relevant applications.

Get more with Talent Network as Your Primary Career Site

(You may want to forward this page to your Webmaster or IT team to get started.)

We highly recommend creating a new <<Careers>> tab on your navigation bar and hyperlinking the tab to your Talentstream Engage site to reach potential candidates.

Talentstream Engage Implementation Guide Image - Site View


Here are the steps to get started:

  • Gain access to the HTML code of your site using an HTML editor of your preference (we suggest Dreamweaver or Sublime).
  • Ask your web development team to create a new menu tab named <<Careers>>.
  • If the tab already exists, you only need to update the HTML content by copying and pasting the below snippet into your HTML code of your site opened in your HTML editor.

    <a target="_blank" href="insert your career site link here" id="careers_tab"><span>Careers</span></a>

If your career site's URL is...

Jobs.net URL Example - Talentstream Engage Implementation Guide

Then your code will look like this…

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.jobs.net/jobs/jenns-design-studio/en-us/all-jobs/" id="careers_tab"><span>Careers</span></a>


5 Easy Steps for Implementing Talent Network as a Career Site:

  • <a></a> tag defines the Talent Network All Jobs Section’s hyperlink on the client side,
    target="_blank" attribute opens the all jobs hyperlink in a new tab/window.
  • href= contains the reference to the path for the Talent Network all jobs hyperlink.
  • The id attribute specifies a unique id for an HTML element (the value must be unique within the HTML document). A set of CSS formatting rules can be applied to this id when needed.
  • The <span></span> tag contains the text / string that will appear on the menu.
  • Once the snippet is inserted on your own HTML, the code should look something like this:  <a target="_blank" href="your career site link here" id="careers_tab"><span>Careers</span></a>

Your Webmaster will know the section in which the provided snippet needs to be inserted. Save your changes and upload your new HTML document to your server.

The Careers navigation tab will now appear on the menu bar of your company’s website. Test your new tab by clicking and confirm the hyperlink redirects you to the All Jobs page of the Talentstream Engage.

Need Help?

Find more support for Talent Network in our customer knowledge base.