What Talent Network Customers Are Saying… 

Precision Resource Company

Industry: Staffing & Recruiting

“CareerBuilder has been instrumental in the evolution from an archaic recruitment strategy to Precision Resource Company’s modern, digital and technological savvy strategy. Precision has gained brand exposure and access to several thousand interested candidates via cutting-edge technology, including our Talent Network and mobile app.”

- Vanessa Permenter, Director Corporate and Commercial Staffing Services

Cardinal Logistics

Industry: Logistics

 “We have had great success with this fantastic tool that CareerBuilder has helped us create. We are looking forward to many more new hires stemming from Talent Network.”

- Amanda Abney, Safety Report Administrator


Industry: Energy/Engineering Staffing Firm

“We are extremely pleased with Talent Network. Previously we were not able to engage with our candidates and couldn’t tailor our jobs to the specific candidates. Now, we engage with our candidates and they can really dial into what we are doing and the types of jobs we have."

- Chris Cooley, Director of Professional Services


Industry: Staffing & Recruiting

“Talent Network has enabled us to reach a new pool of candidates, further helping us enhance our online presence in our key verticals. We have seen tremendous growth and a huge increase in our number of hires and are thrilled with the results.”

- Jack Madden, President of Sales

Meador Staffing

Industry: Staffing & Recruiting

“We love Talent Network! We have been using it for just over a year and have seen tremendous results. It is our goal that everyone joins.”

- Linda Fields, Director of Talent


Industry: Property Management

“We are thrilled with our Talent Network and have seen nothing but success. Our pipeline of candidates increased significantly and we felt confident that the candidates we wanted to hire were members of our talent network. We have seen great results.”

- Tad Thornton, Senior Director of Talent, Aimco


Industry: Homebuilding/Retail

“I love that CareerBuilder has listened to and seen how we actually use the system. They’ve been able to help us customize it and understand it better to make it more advantageous for us to use. By branding ourselves with Talent Network we’ve been able to attract upwards of 30,000 people for the six different jobs that we have. We are extremely pleased with the results so far and look forward to continued success in the future.”

- Steve Sweeney, Director of Sales & Training

Pediatria Healthcare for Kids

Industry: Healthcare

“Talent Network is like dropping off your business card. The tool is doing the work of a recruiting team of ten.  Every time I post a position, it re-engages with candidates in that specific market.  We are constantly engaging with our talent pool, and it’s grown at rapid rates.  We have over 8,000 members currently in our talent pool and the fact that the join button is so versatile, it’s been easy to spread our company values and our name. Talent Network frees up my time so I can tell the story of why Pediatria is such a wonderful company to work for.”

- Erin Knowles, Corporate Recruiter and Bonnie Ghegan, Senior Corporate Recruiter

The Vitamin Shoppe

Industry: Retail

“As we continue to grow, Talent Network allows us to build the bench and get ahead of the talent early so that when that store is ready to open we can just pool from the talent pipeline that we’ve created. The great thing about the Talent Network is that it gives us a pool of candidates who are already interested in the brand, which is really important because if they’re interested in the brand, then when we have opportunities that fit their background, they’re just going to be that much more driven to do what we do. Just in the few months of utilizing Engage, we’ve seen a really strong impact in terms of candidate flow. It has significantly decreased time to fill in a number of different areas.”

- Danielle Lemm, Talent Acquisition Specialist; Brian Bischoff, Talent Acquisition Specialist; Sandy Williams, Regional HR Manager


Industry: Insurance (Veterans Recruitment)

“We understand that this is a special demographic, known for building strong communities amongst each other. Finding a way to build a strong community for the purpose of communicating with and recruiting veterans and military spouses was critical. Talent Network gives us those capabilities. This is their place to learn more about us, and us about them.”

- Kevin Stakelum, Director of Talent Acquisition

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