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​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I be invoiced/billed for my order? When purchasing through our online portal, you must pay for your order with a credit card at the time of purchase. If you would like to speak with a member of our Sales team about other payment options, please call 1.877.345.5256.

  2. Will I receive a receipt for my order? Once your order is approved, you will receive a receipt for your purchase by email. You can also view all of your orders and download invoices/receipts in the Online Transaction History tab on your Account Information page.

  3. Is this a recurring payment? Will I be charged again? Each order is a one-time payment. You can purchase one or more Job Postings. When you post a Job, it will be active for one calendar month. When posting your Job, you have the option to set the Job to auto-renew. Once the posting renews, it will consume one of your available job posting credits. If you do not have any job posting credits available, the job will not renew.

  4. Are there any discounts or promotions available? We do frequently offer promotions and online discounts. View current deals on our Online Promotions page. Note, these promotions are for online purchases only, and multiple offers cannot be combined at point-of-purchase.

  5. When will I get to post my Job? Once you complete your purchase online, you will be taken to the Job Posting form where you can fill out your Job Posting.

  6. Can I post in other countries? You can post a US City Priority Job Posting in any city within the United States. If you would like to post your position outside of the United States, we do have country specific job postings. For more information, contact our Sales team at 1.877.345.5256.

  7. Can I post my Job in other cities? When posting a Job, you will select the city and zip code where the job is located. The Posting will appear in searches within a 30-mile radius of the location you list.

  8. Do you have national or regional jobs? If you would like your Job to be posted to a larger audience, we do have National, Regional and State postings. For more information, please contact our Sales team at 1.877.345.5256.

  9. Do I have to post my Job immediately after purchase? No, once you make a purchase, you have one year to use your Job Postings. Consider your annual hiring needs and buy the number of Postings that best suits your needs. Purchasing Job Postings in bulk allows you to save money on the price per Posting.

  10. If I buy more than one Job, do I have to post them all at the same time? No, once you make a purchase, you have one year to use your Job Postings.
  11. When will my job be live on the Web site? There may be a delay between when you complete the posting process and when your Job Posting goes live on our Web site. For the safety of employers and job seekers alike, our security team does a thorough review of Jobs before they are posted to the site.

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