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25+ Years of Experience

You always need a plan. The trends and insights gathered from decades of candidates, employers, and staffing firms can help you make informed decisions, which is why 137 of the top 150 hiring companies rely on us to help them develop their recruitment plans.

Setting The Right Expectations

The current market data helps you predict what's coming. Candidate-to-job ratios, competitor sets, and compensation benchmarks all give you an understanding of why a job might be harder to recruit for and what to do next.

Updated Monthly

As things change, get up-to-date salary insights and qualifications of candidates. Timely, actionable data can give you a recruiting edge. And in this market, you need one.

Customizable To You

The foundation for an effective recruitment strategy starts with the right data. With our reports, you can compare a wide variety of crucial stats across roles and industries.


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