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We Know How to Source

Hiring Events: 50,000 interviews per year

CareerBuilder combines industry-leading sourcing with paid media to attract top talent to virtual and in-person events.

Candidate Sourcing: 17,000 candidates per year

If you can just never seem to have enough people for your ongoing openings, save time by letting us fill your candidate pipeline with quality candidates.

Candidate Sourcing and Screening: 800 positions per year

Our project-based solution sources candidates, screens them, and only delivers the best to your team to interview and hire.

Sourcing Solutions Include These The Services (And More):

  • Job Advertising Distribution
  • Employer Branding
  • Targeted Sourcing through over 100 sources
  • Candidate Screening and Scheduling
  • Microsite Technology for Automated Screening and Scheduling
  • Visual Chat and Interview Solutions


How Can Sourcing Solutions Help You?

  • Feature 1 Custom Build The Smartest Solution

    Our Sourcing Solutions are flexible so they can fit within your process and address any recruitment gaps you might have. There's no limit to the number of candidates you receive and our agile model allows you to meet your hiring goals while staying on budget.

  • Feature 2 Create Data-Driven Campaigns To Find The Best Candidates

    Using the latest labor market info, candidate behavior, and historical success data, we get to work creating smart campaigns that find you the right people.

  • Feature 3 Fill Your Pipeline With A Talent Pool Only You Own

    Right away, we start delivering quality talent that match your criteria and keep on delivering screened candidates as they become available. You own this talent pool now and into the future; they're yours and we won't present them to other customers.

  • Feature 4 Use A Comprehensive Recruiting Strategy To Get Results Quickly

    We put the experience of our recruiters, over 25 years of job history and trends, and our technology together to develop a strategy that sources, screens, and saves you time.

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