Advertising Policies

It is CareerBuilder’s policy to clearly set expectations for our partners who advertise on our websites. CareerBuilder is the sole interpreter of these Advertising Policies. Violation of these policies may, at CareerBuilder’s sole discretion, result in the removal of offending ads from the website or the termination of such advertiser’s agreement with CareerBuilder.

  • All click-through ads must open in a separate window and the window must remain open after the click through ad has been accessed.

  • Ads must have a clearly visible border that distinguishes it from Careerbuilder content. Ads that do not have borders must display the company name or use the word “Advertisement” in a clear and readable font type in the body of the ad.

  • The style of the ad must not mimic any features of the site or visually blend into the site style in any respect. This can include icons, colors, fonts, buttons, links, logos or language. (For example, the use of ORANGE as a click button or text is NOT acceptable).

  • Ads that continuously flash, shake, blink or have some other visually busy animation are not allowed. (examples of this are similar to, but not limited to, dancing figures/objects, blinking/flashing colors, jumping objects that are solely used to grab user attention)

  • Ads must be tasteful and should not include any vulgarities, sexually suggestive content, or any other inappropriate content. (examples of this are similar to, but not limited to, use of political/celebrity names or images, scantily dressed men/women, negative connotations such as hate/death, alcohol or drug reference)

  • Ads must not contain any false advertising messages. This includes, but not limited to, an advertiser falsely advertising job opportunities or consumer offers when they have no association with that company.

  • Ads cannot use the Careerbuilder logo, refer to the brand or imply endorsement from Careerbuilder without prior written approval from Careerbuilder’s marketing department.

  • Ads must remain within the accepted sizes and should not expand or move by either mouse-over or click, from the designated ad locations on

  • Animation is permitted in ads, but may not exceed 30 seconds.

  • If CareerBuilder determines that an advertisement is soliciting participation in an opportunity or activity that requires a fee or investment of money and time to generate income, CareerBuilder may insert an interstitial notice, between the ad and such ad’s related landing page, alerting CareerBuilder users of the nature of the opportunity.

  • All advertisements must comply with applicable law and be free of any malicious code, malware, adware, spyware, or potentially harmful software functionality. CareerBuilder cooperates with law enforcement to ensure the safety of its website.