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When you harness the power of the world’s labor market data, powerful things happen.

The CareerBuilder Difference

Discover How CareerBuilder Delivers the Best Value Back to Your Business

  • Solving human capital management problems for people, not just job seekers and not just companies People to People

    We don't believe in just B2C or B2B. Everything we do is P2P - people to people. Unmatched customer service is our goal, and our teams are here each day to ensure customers get the most return on their investment. We talk to you like a person and work with you like a partner. 

  • CareerBuilder solutions are made for companies of all sizes and across most industries Right-size Offerings

    Our comprehensive range of offerings allow us to respond to our customer’s specific needs with flexibility and cost-effective solutions, whether it’s a 10-person small business, mid-size regional company or an enterprise organization with 10,000+ employees.

  • CareerBuilder's innovation is driven by customer-centric product design Innovation that matters

    Every new solution we create is to help you find, hire and manage great talent. If an innovation doesn't simplify your day, improve the efficiency of your team or save your company money, then it's not successful. And the way we know is because we listen to you every step of the way.

  • With 20 years of industry experience and the data to back it up, CareerBuilder has an edge over other competitors Knowledge and Data

    We have over 21 billion occupation-related data points, millions of workforce profiles and over 1 million compensation and career path data points to power your human capital programs. We've been doing this for decades and bring knowledge and insights no one else can. Learn more.

Our Solutions

Comprehensive Human Capital Software and Services


Candidate profiles available in our database, in addition to applicant tracking and talent network platforms to help source and attract qualified people.

Recruiting Solutions

    • Talent & Labor Market Analytics

    • Job Advertising & Promotion

    • Talent Sourcing

    • Applicant Tracking & Management

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Average verification rate with our U.S. based researchers, with an average time of 1-3 days for a full criminal background check.

Employment Screening

    • Background Checks & Verifications

    • Drug Testing & Health Services

    • Electronic Form I-9 & E-Verify

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Employees are served by our HCM platform that gives employers a single, unified code base and a single employee record across all modules.

Human Capital Management

    • OnBoard
    • BenAdmin
    • ACA Compliance
    • Exchange
    • Recruit
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Our Data 

Labor Market Insights Covering More Than 99% of the Workforce

Our data helps employers hire the right talent, colleges offer the right programs and get students on a path to career success, and economic and workforce developers  successfully help their communities prosper.

data page screenshot How We Track Nearly Every Job In The Economy

Real Solutions, real people

We come to the table with solutions that help your business grow, as well as help you become more efficient and find the best talent.

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Integrations and Partnerships

60+ ATS and HRIS Integration Partners

CareerBuilder customers that integrate with our tools typically see an 85% reduction in candidate drop-off. We offer free integration services to ensure that you receive all applications to your job postings via your ATS. You can learn more about our partner program, which systems we're already connected to or how you can sign up for integration.

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About CareerBuilder

Learn more about our mission, our people who make it possible and how you can view our current job opportunities and join the CareerBuilder team.

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  • 80M Job Applicants
  • 150M Candidate Profiles
  • 3M Jobs Posted Monthly
  • 3,200+ Company Career Sites