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Spend Less Time Searching And More Time Hiring

We have over 40 million resumes waiting, and our AI and machine learning tools work automatically to deliver only the best matches for each job you post. Want more? You can get a list of relevant candidates emailed to your inbox every day. Even more? Our patented AI job recommendation technology puts your job in front of candidates through our website, app, emails, and messaging. So you'll get seen by the right people.

Understand The Labor Market Instantly

We make it easy to get deep insights that help you make decisions. You'll learn why hiring for some roles is more difficult than others and which alternate markets to recruit in. And importantly, you'll know what your competition is paying, so you can set competitive salaries.

Manage Targeted Email Campaigns At Your Scale

Email works and it's never been easier. Our Talent Discovery Platform lets you create professional email campaigns to target candidates in your database or ones that have previously engaged with you. Easy drag-and-drop editors allow for quick customization, and real-time analytics on performance help you know how to proceed.




  • CareerSites Icon Centralized candidate database

    Find talent through one of the largest databases available. This includes 40 million resumes, 60 million profiles, as well as candidates who have expressed interest in your company.

  • Search Icon Automatic candidate matching

    Spend less time searching for candidates. We can deliver the best matches for each of your jobs, every day.

  • Workflow Icon Email campaigns and messaging

    Create and send email campaigns to your new or previously-acquired candidates and get real-time analytics on candidate engagement. Message any job seekers in our database directly.

  • Automated CRM Icon Faster job posting

    Our AI Job Posting tool can write the job description for you, saving you time and typing.

  • Robust Analytics Icon Labor market insights

    Gain deep insights into active supply and competitive demand for positions to help you recruit and source smarter.

  • Robust Analytics Icon Semantic search and more

    We make it easy to find talent faster and easier with options for semantic and natural language search for the casual use, or Boolean for the more advanced. Machine learning aslo works in the background to make results more relevant.

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