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CB Media Terms and Conditions

The following additional terms shall apply to Company’s use of the CB Media Services:

  1. Term. Either party shall have the right to terminate the portion of the Order Form that pertains to CB Media Services at any time and for any reason upon two (2) business day’s prior written notice to the other party. In accordance with the provisions above, Company understands and agrees that CareerBuilder sells advertising space through an auction process and that the portion of the Order Form that pertains to CB Media Services may be terminated upon two (2) business days prior written notice if CareerBuilder receives a higher bid than that offered by Company for the advertising space described on the Order Form.

  1. Advertising. Except as expressly provided in the Order Form, the positioning of all advertisements is within the sole discretion of CareerBuilder. CareerBuilder may run advertisements on any website owned by CareerBuilder unless otherwise stated in this Order Form. In an advertising campaign, CareerBuilder arranges the media schedule while Company provides advertising creative suitable to the advertising specs provided to be used for a particular campaign. As part of its advertising services, CareerBuilder offers advertising reports, including impression summaries. "Impressions" are measures of the number of times a banner is displayed. A one-month run date is defined as the period from 12 midnight on the first day of the calendar month to 12 midnight on the last day of that calendar month. Actual impressions for any given month may vary. Unless, otherwise specified in the Order Form, CareerBuilder is authorized to (i) continue the advertising campaign beyond the Order Form’s End Date for the sole purpose of providing the above agreed upon quantity of banner impressions; and (ii) over-serve banner impressions up to, but not exceeding, ten percent (10%) of the contractually agreed upon quantity.

  1. Billing, Payment and Credit. Company will be billed for advertising services following each monthly period CareerBuilder runs Company's advertisements. Payments will be based on actual advertisements delivered in accordance with this Order Form. In the case of under delivery CareerBuilder will roll advertising into the next calendar month. All payment obligations hereunder shall survive termination or expiration of this Order Form. CareerBuilder may, but is not obligated, to extend credit or to continue to extend credit to any Company and may change any credit limit at any time in its sole discretion. CareerBuilder shall not be obligated to deliver any ads in excess of any credit limit granted.

  1. No Assignment or Resale of Ad Space. Company may not resell, assign or transfer any of its rights hereunder. In the event of any attempt to resell, assign or transfer any of such rights, CareerBuilder may immediately terminate this Order Form, without liability to CareerBuilder.

  1. Approval. All advertisements are subject to CareerBuilder’s approval. CareerBuilder may edit, revise, reject, take down, or cancel any advertisement at any time. CareerBuilder will notify Company of any such action and Company shall be allowed to replace such advertising with acceptable advertising within five (5) days of receipt of the notice. In addition, CareerBuilder (i) may, in its sole discretion, reject any URL link embodied within any advertisement and (ii) reserves the right to reject or terminate the display of an advertisement if it fails to conform to applicable laws and regulations, CareerBuilder's policies, or the public interest. CareerBuilder may reject or remove an advertisement for an advertised site which is not functional or which CareerBuilder deems unsuitable for linking to its Site. CareerBuilder does not accept any ads that spawn pop-ups. CareerBuilder reserves the right to refuse any rich media type and that will require in excess of two days to ensure Site compatibility. Advertisements must comply with CareerBuilder’s Advertising Policies (located at https://hiring.careerbuilder.com/company/advertise/policies) and its Creative Specifications (located at http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobseeker/info/creativespecifications.aspx).

  1. Display Ads, Measurement of Traffic. In the event that Company is purchasing display ads, unless otherwise specified in this Order Form, the parties agree that CareerBuilder's advertising service (“Advertising Service”) shall be the official measure of traffic delivery to Company. Company agrees to pay CareerBuilder in accordance w/ the measurement provided by Advertising Service. Any failure to pay CareerBuilder in accordance with the measurements provided by Advertising Service will be a breach of this Order Form, collections and legal remedies will be pursued.

  1. Modification and Operation of the CareerBuilder Network. CareerBuilder reserves the right to redesign or modify the CareerBuilder Network (i.e., careerbuilder.com, any other websites owned or controlled by CareerBuilder and any pages therein) at its discretion at any time. To the extent that such modifications materially and adversely affect the placement of one or more of the advertisements, CareerBuilder shall, at its sole discretion, make a commercially reasonable effort to display future affected advertisements in a comparable location and manner.

  1. Email Campaigns. If Company is participating in our Email campaign program, then Company agrees to abide by the Advertising Policies and Creative Specifications and submission deadlines. Further all of Company’s rights and obligations described above with respect to “advertisements” shall apply equally to Company-provided email content.