What Does Talent Discovery Do?

  1. Understand the labor market instantly.

    Get Smarter About Targeting and Sourcing With Real-Time Labor Market Data

    Use labor market data to get an in-depth look at the active supply and competitive demand for a given position. Get insight into why hiring for some roles is more difficult than others, and discover what your competition is paying so you can set competitive salaries that will attract top quality talent. 

    With Talent Discovery's first-of-its-kind intake tool, you're able to gather the necessary inputs to understand everything about a job requisition, align expectations with the hiring manager and keep a documented record to reference during your sourcing and recruiting process. Additionally, with real-time labor market data, you get an in-depth look at the active supply and competitive demand for a given position to better understand where to find the right talent and what competitive salaries are for the role.

  2. Post jobs 5x faster.

    Save Time With Single Search of All Candidates in One Platform

    Real-Time Labor Market Data Illustration

    Our AI Job Posting tool makes posting a job a breeze. It shows how much local competitors are offering for the same role so you can adjust on the fly. It offers recommendations for improving your job posting's candidate appeal, which can increase applications by 175%. It even writes job responsibilities automatically, meaning you can post a job 5x faster - reducing the average time it takes to post a job from 25 minutes down to just 5. The tool also gives you complete control over branding, so you can showcase your culture and differentiate your company from the competition. 

    Don't waste time logging in and out of multiple systems to source the right candidates. Talent Discovery allows you to search all of your candidates - and ours - in one place, using powerful semantic search and match technology. It brings together candidates from CareerBuilder's best recruiting solutions - applicants from Job Postings, Talent Network and Talent Gather members - while also providing access to CareerBuilder's 150 million resumes and social profiles. In addition, you can import your ATS profiles, show their current status and export them back into your ATS.

    Real-Time Labor Market Data Illustration
  3. Spend less time searching and more time hiring.

    Quickly Communicate With Candidates Using Scalable, Targeted Email Campaigns

    Candidate Search in One Platform

    CareerBuilder uses AI and machine learning to automatically deliver up to 25 candidate matches a day for each job you post. On top of those matched candidates, you can get a list of relevant candidates emailed to your inbox every day. And as if that’s not enough, our patented AI job recommendation technology puts your job in front of candidates through our website, app, emails and messaging. These recommendations make a huge impact, leading to around 80% of the applications our clients receive.

    Engaging with candidates has never been easier. Talent Discovery lets you create professional email campaigns to target candidates in your private database or candidates that have previously engaged with your company. Easy drag-and-drop editors allow for quick customization, and real-time analytics on email campaign performance help you identify next steps.

    Candidate Search in One Platform

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How does the Talent Discovery Platform make hiring easier?

  • Centralized Candidate Database feature in Talent Discovery Centralized Candidate Database

    Search talent found through CareerBuilder's recruiting products, your imported ATS records and our 140 million candidate resumes and profiles in one place. Learn more.

  • Automatic Candidate Matching feature in Talent Discovery AUTOMATIC CANDIDATE MATCHING

    Spend less time searching for candidates. We deliver up to 25 candidate matches for each of your jobs, everyday.  Learn more.

  • Candidate Email Campaign Management feature in Talent DiscoveryEMAIL CAMPAIGNS AND MESSAGING

    Create and send email campaigns to your new or previously-acquired candidates and get real-time analytics on candidate engagement. Message any job seekers in our database (up to 10 at a time) directly. Learn more.

  • Recruiter Intake Tool feature in Talent Discovery5x FASTER JOB POSTING

    Our AI Job Posting tool lets you post a job 5x faster by helping you to write the job description. Learn more.

  • Robust Analytics Icon LABOR MARKET INSIGHTS

    Gain insights into active supply and competitive demand for a given position to help you recruit and source more intelligently. Learn more.

  • Robust Analytics Icon Semantic Search

    Find all relevant talent faster and easier when semantic search is applied to your search. Your results will be expanded to include all relevant candidates, and you can interact with the technology to tailor it to your needs. Learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Talent Discovery is sold on a license model: 1 license per user.

Yes, each license will receive access to the 140 million candidate resumes and social profiles.

No, at this time Talent Discovery is for US customers only.

Yes, whether you leverage an industry-leading ATS or one that's home-grown, you can integrate with us to post jobs on CareerBuilder.com directly from your ATS and receive applications directly in your ATS. Standard integrations take less than two weeks. Just contact us to get started.