Source, Screen, Hire.

When it comes to recruiting and having the right resources, there’s never a good balance. Let us tip the scales in your favor. CareerBuilder’s Source & Screen lets you scale and focus your investment with people, processes and industry-leading recruitment media when you need it most.

What’s so great about Source & Screen?

  • Step 1: We create an effective sourcing strategy based on 20 years of behavioral studies and the latest labor market data. This gives you the best possible talent.
  • Step 2: When it comes to sourcing top candidates, we leave no stone unturned. We utilize leading job boards (like ours), resume database sites and professional networking sites.
  • Step 3: We screen candidates to eliminate those who may not be a good fit and then deliver only the best for your review-reducing the time to hire.

It’s that easy! And it gets better, because during your hiring process, the candidates you receive will never be exposed to any other companies. They’re your candidates to keep — all for one flat rate.