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Trusted, Reliable Background Screening to Meet Your Needs – and Your Budget.

Introducing CareerBuilder’s Small Business Screening & Verification Package

Take care of all of your small business’ background screening needs in one comprehensive package, at one low price. With CareerBuilder’s Small Business Screening & Verification Package you get the following benefits:

  • Trusted: Candidates already know and trust the CareerBuilder brand, putting them at ease when it comes to getting screened.
  • Easy to Use: Request screening services in just a few clicks from our online portal, and get results fast.
  • Cost Effective: We’ve created a package designed specifically for the small business market to provide the best possible value.
  • Accredited and Quality Certified: Rest assured your screenings come from a certified and accredited source.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Speak to knowledgeable screening experts that can provide experienced guidance and support.
  • Fast and Accurate Reporting: Gain the confidence to make accurate hiring decisions. You receive the maximum possible accuracy, enforced through our technology-enabled compliance tools.

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